Paid repairing of workshop items in station is ruining game for me.

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Devs please hear me. I like Icarus a lot, it is a beautiful game and it is clear much care has gone into it. I like the addition of Open World and am hopeful for the future of Icarus. That said, I just cannot agree with the current implementation of repairing workshop items in station. My honest impression is it feels more like a punishment than a genuinely fun mechanic. Workshop items already have limited use per mission encouraging the player to craft better tools. However with damage persisting into the next mission it turns workshop items from being fun into just a tedious credit sink. This has removed all fun for me in owning workshop tools and as such may be removing fun from the game as a whole for me. You are going to hear a lot of players in support of the new system but they already have more credits than they can spend, other players like myself have not been as lucky. Please consider re-enabling free workshop repairs in station. Thank you.

Under consideration Balance Map: Open World Workshop Suggested by: Aedda Upvoted: 03 Jan Comments: 1

Comments: 1

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