[Bug] Wooden Fortification Ramps to Walkways won't go down / are not placeable

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On a newly created map I could build the fence, gates, spiked fortifications and walkways but the R key alternate to the walkway, the ramp, for placing in the center of a walkway, would not go down. I tried on different days of play, restarting the client and server but the walkway ramp simply would not go down. I tried in four different walkway locations over a large fence that surrounded a new base, the walkway ramps are too bugged to even get one to work. I ended up using stone frame & ramp instead as a workaround. Map was a newly created Open World Styx map, created after patch 53 and my own dedicated server

Under consideration Building Pieces Dedicated Server Map: Open World Suggested by: Oozi Upvoted: 12 Dec, '22 Comments: 0

Comments: 0