Expanding on Animal, Habitation, And Mounts.

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Fixing the Follow feature of mounts. All they do is run away now, so it is hard to just feed or access them. Defend feature on the Buffalo does nothing . Making Animals Able to graze and drink from natural water & food sources. (Planted farm grown or natural grown on map) Add attack feature to the Moa Mount. They are territorial and aggressive before tamed. Does not make sense why Buffalo gets the attack... Expanding on the Buffalo Carts with wagons with two buffalos pulling the small wagon & 4 buffalo pulling Large Wagons. Wagons depending on size can carry persons and Inventory. Add Armor for buffalo & Talan/Beak armor for Moa so they are better for combat. Adding the ability to tame Wolfs; Running with a pack of wolves to take out bosses or defending on mission and adding sleds to the game would be fun for the Dog sled threw the snow. Add Taming flying Birds to help Scout when Hunting and catching small prey like rabbits and Fish. Just a Few Ideas.

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