[Suggestion] Tools/Weapons on Hotbar Shows Up on Character's Body

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I thought it might be cool to see weapons or tools that you have on your hotbar, show up on your character as well. Maybe something like a knife at your waist/chest or a pickaxe tucked in a slot on your backpack if they are somewhere on your hotbar slots. Perhaps it would have to be limited to weaponry or tools, otherwise it might be a bit weird (hilarious) to see someone carrying something like a pre-built rain catcher on their backs. I really like the addition of the 'L' slot for torches/lanterns. I feel like seeing your character looking well-equipped for a trek through a biome would give some more variety when looking at other players' characters during a multiplayer session. And also give those 3rd person players that ability on their own character.

Under consideration Art Suggested by: Kroye Upvoted: 17 Jan Comments: 0

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