Crossbows weaker than Bows and Bolts are to expensive

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The Titanium Crossbow just have 50% bonus to projectile damage. the Compound Bow or the Larkwell Bow from Workshop have 100/125% projectile damage. the Titan Crossbow should have 100% to, Platinium +75% and the basic Iron crossbow +50%. bone and higher arrows have all small bonus on crit dmg. Crossbow Bolts don´t have that and the dmg of bolts are not much higher than the arrows if you watch on the price-performance ratio + the "supply and demand" talent just boost crafted arrows not bolts, should be both. the price of some bolts are to high 2 iron bars or 2 steel bars for one Bolt is bit heavy, 1bar should be enough. a crossbow should do more dmg than a bow in my opinion. so as base dmg for the Bolts i think 81-90 iron, 91-100 chopper, 101-110 steel, 111-120 platinium, 121-130 titanium and a composite Bolt with 131-140 dmg would be nice to. price of composite bolts could be 1 composites + 5-6 steel screws.

Under consideration Balance Weapons Suggested by: Mooncake Upvoted: 22 Jan, '23 Comments: 0

Comments: 0