Buff/Debuff errors

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Noticing that buffs and debuffs, such as food and exposure are wearing off, but not d is appearing once the timer is exhausted. Eating more food or going back out in the storm, etc, is now just placing a 2 next to the buff, indicating a stack - it doesn't appear to actually offer any benefits or negatives, as the old buff technically isn't active, but it seems to make the game a bit unstable. Additionally, you cannot see the timer on food buffs when stacked. I've since crashed once, but not sure if that's attributed to the error or just coincidence. Will keep an eye on it for confirmation. Picture: You can see the Cooked Prime Meat buff is only one stack and displays a timer, while the Fish Curry and Creamed Corn buffs are 2 stack, and no timer displayed. The Exposure debuff is also shown, but I'm not exposed to any storm. Going out into the rain will display it as a second stack.

In Progress Follow Up Suggested by: LittilAvindar Upvoted: 23 Jan, '23 Comments: 1

Comments: 1