Snap-on Interior Walls and Cable/Pipe management

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Since we now have permanent structures in the OW, a nice QOL feature would be interior walls that snap to the inside of the exterior walls. This is currently possible with stone and concrete foundation pieces, but this is not optimal in every scenario. This makes it a lot easier to do then just having to get creative to place other pieces in order to achieve the desired effect. Just compare to your existing home where you don't see the interior beams. For now, the existing texture that the stone and concrete have are fine. The existing interior wood walls should also be functional in this manner a well. A littler slider with a "stain" color selector wouldn't hurt for added flair. With the addition of the interior wall now comes the improved ability to hide electrical and water pipes behind the interior wall. The one minor tweak the cable/pipe tool needs is just to allow it to snap in a linear fashion rather than making those weird loops at the ends where cable/pipe.

Under consideration QOL Suggestion Suggested by: Crashblade Upvoted: 25 Apr Comments: 1

Comments: 1

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