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Considering that in mission mode you need to build a base every time, the process of producing some materials becomes very boring. For example concrete. To create it, you need tree sap. And for the construction of a full-fledged concrete base, a truly incredible amount of tree sap is required. Considering that tree sap is also required for the production of many other elements (epoxy resin, biofuel, tanned leather, etc.), the process of extracting it by splitting sticks becomes the main task already in the middle stages of construction. Maybe it's worth reworking recipes using tree sap for something else? For example, water is usually used to produce concrete. If we replaced tree sap with water in the concrete recipe, then connecting the water pump to the concrete mixer would make more sense and half-automate the process, emphasizing the level of improvement in crafting technology. And almost half will reduce the need for the production of tree sap, greatly facilitating life.

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