Water and Power delivery system

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Hello. I have an idea how you could improve those systems. 1. add fittings for pipe connections 2. add pipes 3. leave the current soft tubing with option to connect to the new fittings 4. add valves for piping 5. add electric junction boxes 6. add switches for electricity 7. add hard points to the pillars where we can place fittings and junction boxes (same way you did with crop plots place able on floors)This time make those hard points on 4th sides of the pillars, 3 place spots on each side. 8. you can add a recipe (don't use epoxy in recipe please) for making material that then can be processed to plastic and then to pipes, fittings and so on. There is a plant (Cannabis) that can be processed in to pre plastic material. Or use recipe with biofuel. 9. add a mold machine that will produce the piping and all plastic related stuff Those thoughts came to me after i tried to build proper greenhouse and hide all tubes and cables. It did not work, tubes and cables popping every where. PLS

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Comments: 1

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