Upgrade suggestion in open world

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1. Fences/fortification. Please don't let them only at wooden stage... Stone and later concrete fortification with iron/steel spikes, will be nice. I don't dare to hope at laser fences with turrets on a hard open world. 2. Water wheels... do not stop that tech with them. Water turbines must be the next step. Don't dare to think at wind turbines or SMR. Till then some battery stacks will be helpful :) 3. Please don't stop at wooden wagon with vehicles. Upgrade at internal combustion vehicle and after that electrical/hydrogen cells/whatever you want. 4. Make possible connection of lightning rods with earth (we have wires). Make them bigger (maybe an upgrade) and I hope will attract all lightnings, and forests nearby don't burn anymore... 5. Default furniture is kinda Nordic/Minimalist style. You already introduced rustic stile furniture. I don't think a industrial style furniture will be very difficult to insert, because a lot of elements of that style are already in game. Thx

Done Map: Open World QOL Suggestion Suggested by: Mickhael Upvoted: 19 Mar Comments: 4

Comments: 4