[Suggestion] Armors options for storm survivability

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Lower level rain storms can still kill a prospector, especially if already injured or engaged with hostile wildlife. Likewise wind storms. I would like to suggest options for armor to make lesser storms (say level 3 and below) have little or no impact on the prospector. A possible companion change would be to have the more severe storms (lvl 5-7) be much more dangerous to the exposed character.

This could either be upgrades via the benches or a completely different armor altogether. Or you could have creature armors (PB, Scorpion, etc.) be immune to lower level storms, maybe even limited to the storms from just their native biomes (it might make those armors worth the time to collect the resources and make them).

For example, Polar Bear might be immune to blizzards up to lvl3 with no damage to the armor, diminish the impact of a levels 4 and 5 but take damage proportional to how much it attenuated the storm, and be no real good against the levels 6 and 7.

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Comments: 1

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