Over-Encumberance system reorganization and talent point expansion

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"I am not good at English, so I used a translator. I hope you'd understand." -Over-Encumberance system (Increased gameability) Non-mainstream weight related talents and increased utilization of animal cargo compartments 1.Penalty change due to over-Encumberance Over-Encumberance Penalty (%) = [ ( Current weight - weight capacity ) ÷ weight capacity ] × 100 - (Penalty Reduction Talent and Item) ** Weight capacity has already been increased by talent and items ** -Talent 105 Point (Can have points to master about two kinds of talents.) Increasing synergy among talent ex.) resources and tools, Cooking/farming and husbandry, combat and hunting 1. 2 points per level (100 Point) 2. 1 extra point per 10 level up (5Point)

Under consideration Balance QOL Suggestion Suggested by: Park Ju-young Upvoted: 22 Mar Comments: 0

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