[Suggestion] Portable Icebox

I had an idea to add a Portable Icebox, a item that you equip like a backpack. The main reason to lengthen spoil timers of all food items put in the inventory slots of that backpack. I was thinking of it having X amount of space, and like the Icebox; a specific fuel slot for Ice This will make it so that you still have to gather Ice to cool down the food. Maybe have attributes like: Preserves food 4x longer (like the Ice box) + 6 storage slots + 5% Movement speed - 10°C in temperature (See attached image for example of storage space in inventory) I think this backpack would help remove spoiled foods when traveling larger distances. Since some food buffs are longer than the spoil timer of the item, so you're guaranteed to have more than one spoil in your inventory unless you refresh the buff early and waste resources.

Under consideration QOL Suggestion Suggested by: 2bToba Upvoted: 22 Mar Comments: 0

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