[Bug] Stealth bow headshot kills wrong animal.

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Have found that when several animals are in sight if I crouch and get a headshot on one, it does the action replay thing (which is very cool), but it often targets and kills another animal entirely than the one I actually fired at. The effect of this can be critical too, as I'm often firing at an aggessive animal such as a wolf (possibly already coming at me), and instead of the wolf dying, another animal that is a much lesser threat dies instead (eg rabbit, small buffalo etc). Once it comes out of the action replay thing, the wolf is already on me and I'm in big trouble. The other animal that dies is always one that is in my field of view, but nowhere near close enough to the actual target that there's a chance that I missed and hit the wrong one. NOTE: There is another issue logged similar to mine, but mentions homing arrows. I am not using homing arrows, just plain old bone arrows and the basic bow.

Known issue AI Weapons Suggested by: Jordan Upvoted: 14 Jun Comments: 14

Comments: 14