Ricochet: Expedition on Styx Quest Objectives broken

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Ricochet Expedition Objective Bugs *Day 1 we mined exotics and sent them to ship by pod we summoned. It was convenient on the way to main objective. *Day 2 we did quest objective to drill through both side of Objective cave to desert revealing scanner locations: The worms, both large and small worms, infinite instant respawning even after cave objective advanced. *Day 3 we log into scan desert. The cave objective is still red on map, but open on both ends.The worms were gone. Get to first scan location and set the Quest objective scanner on the designated highlighted location. The scanner is out of sync with the shadow image of the scanner location. We fight the with the game trying to click the scanner as it phases between the shadow image of scanner and the actual scanner. The scanner activates, but doesn't progress the objective. We log out and in reloading. Same thing. Struggle to pick up scanner fighting image of shaded quest location image and the actual scanner. We travel to a

Under consideration Map: Styx Missions Suggested by: Manhattan Upvoted: 20 Feb Comments: 1

Comments: 1

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