[bug] Giant thumper worm glitching to other locations

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I started a thumper in a cave two full map grids away from our base on a dedicated server (open world Styx). The giant cave worm appeared (after many smaller and mid-sized worms, on what was supposed to be a low threat thumper run), and kept glitching out. I was able to hit it a few times, then was unable to hit it after it started glitching. Once the thumper run completed, the worm no longer appeared in the cave . . . but spawned over at our base where my partner was building. We were completely unable to damage it, but it was able to kill us and damage/destroy our base and equipment. We logged out and stopped the dedicated server - it did not reappear after the server restart.

Under consideration Follow Up Suggested by: Khadour Upvoted: 26 Feb Comments: 4

Comments: 4

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