New Birds and features

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Please add more birds, Hawks, Crows, Ducks, and Vultures. Feathers from each can be used for different things. Duck and Kea feathers can be used to buff beds and clothes for warmth. Hawks and Crows feathers for better arrow range. Vultures and moas feathers can be used to make a decoy or something. Each of the birds feathers could be used to color torches flame moa-white, duck-orange, hawk-blue, vulture-red, kea-green. Also, it would be awesome to make hawks or crow a pet. Make a roost to sit and sleep. Hawks in the roost will hunt rabbits, crows in the roost pick up sticks, use can collect in the roost. Pet birds can travel on the users shoulder, hawks warn when a creature is nearby, while crows pickup arrows fired.

Under consideration AI Suggested by: Ben N. Upvoted: 11 Jul Comments: 0

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