[Bug] Buffalo mount wouldn't follow with cart

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I took a buffalo mount to a couple caves a decent distance away from my base. I was able to ride the mount all the way to the second cave. Loaded the cart up with ore from the two caves. Started trying to head back and it wouldn't follow me. Kept walking toward me a little, then going back against a large rock. Over and over. Toggled the follow button many times trying to get to to follow. Closed the game and opened it. Still wouldn't follow.

Eventually I loaded up my inventory and left it. Almost immediately got a message that it was killed by one of those birds.

Mounts are still unreliable and mostly useless in this game. They are basically single use and won't make it back most of the time for one reason or another. At this point I'd much rather be able to pull the cart by myself and not have to rely on a mount.

Done Mounts/Pets Suggested by: Kizmar Upvoted: 17 Sep, '23 Comments: 1

Comments: 1