Adjust "Portable Beacon" to lower tier

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Since we have no other way of marking maps, the "portable beacon" needs to be adjusted as it is currently useless for marking maps because the crafting materials required make it WAY too expensive to make one, much less multiples. I suggest either of the following:

move the beacon to tier 3 & require only 5 steel, 10 electronics, 2 cement, and 10 steel screws;

or better yet,

move the beacon to tier 2 & require 10 iron, 10 copper, and 10 wood (similar construction costs to the orbital exchange interface).

I could see leaving the dropship recall beacon in tier 4, though I think that would be better served in t3 also).

Done Balance Suggested by: cmopatrick Upvoted: 18 Jun Comments: 2

Comments: 2

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