Suggestion: solve electrical at t3 by moving water wheel and electricity tool

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Tier 3 could use a generator for the lights (Basic Wall and Basic Ceiling). Both the Water Wheel and the Electricity tool use t3 components (organics, stone, wood, steel, electronics, copper nails, copper ingots, refined gold, and carbon fiber) and I suggest moving both to t3. While this would not be a solution for the arctic and much of the desert, it would provide a way for t3 to light structures and the occasional cave without resorting to your having to add a new generator or moving the existing gen to t3. Note, I would rather the gen were moved to t3, but that has been suggested and on the table for a very long time and it does not appear to be likely (especially because of how the dependencies are laid out).

Under consideration Balance Suggested by: cmopatrick Upvoted: 13 Nov, '23 Comments: 0

Comments: 0