[Suggestion] Improve creature AI

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currently the predators mostly have in incredibly basic, very stupid AI. all enemy behavior is basically aggro and then relentlessly run at and attack until dead or too far away. it would be great if the behavior of animals was more varied, like a bear seeing you and trying to intimidate you by standing up or slowly walking towards you instead of just charging on sight, or wolves that will keep their distance if they’re alone but will surround you in a pack and start attacking, maybe even running away if you kill enough of the pack. jaguars are hunters, but instead of using stealth and surprise attacks they act the same as basically every other animal in the game. different animals should require a different approach to them, which would make it more rewarding for the player to figure out how to best fight against the different animals and get better at the game, not just spam arrows and stabs

Under consideration AI Suggested by: Daniel Upvoted: yesterday Comments: 31

Comments: 31