[Bug] Sometimes the game will stop letting you craft

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I just hopped into Argus: Exploration to find my dropship right on top of an exotics node and my xp farm trip turned into a exotics+xp farm trip. I start Building my house, get half the roof and then... Crafting stopped working entirely. It would let me select number to craft and hit the button but then it'd revert to 1 number and never craft, i cleared slots in my inventory, i restarted the game, nothing seemed to fix it so with a single tear running down my face i left the prospect. I'm hoping this is a known issue but if it's not, I need y'all to understand even if this is rare it completely kills a run in its tracks, regardless of the mission. Couldnt even sleep it off cause i couldnt craft anything, including a bedroll.

Done Inventory Suggested by: Echo Upvoted: 04 Jun, '23 Comments: 1

Comments: 1