[Suggestion] On Auditory Evolution

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One game aspect I recognized immediately from Beta 2 was that wolves make detectable sounds when they sense you, and the background music changes. This was an immense help, simultaneously improving immersion and enjoyment. Presumably, bears have audio clips incoming where a throaty growl and subsequent roar forewarn the player that an attack is imminent, but there is another audio clip that could aid players.

Caves have become a critical element (forgive the pun) to obtain iron, aluminum, and titanium. Open caves are recognizable from a distance, closed caves require examination. Considering they are cracked, is it possible to add whistling sound when players are in the vicinity? My system is modest at best, and locating caves requires close proximity to recognize a minable facade. Having an auditory cue as well would help me, and others, who similarly find themselves seeking resources while lacking hardware.

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Comments: 1