[Suggestion] Interior Wood Should be able to attach to the inside of walls

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When I saw the Interior Wood building, I thought the idea was really great, but I was disappointed to see that you can't attach to the insides of your Stone Walls.

I like the idea of the refined wood and now the copper nails for it aren't too costly. And it's super light and almost more economical to carry for temporary structures. But you should be able to at least make use of it in a stone house, because that's the other downside.

Refined wood would be plenty strong, but where this is in the tech tree it almost feels like a waste. I want to make the entire inside of my structure look nice, and also believe this stuff should have some added durability because it is not just basic wood structures.

Under consideration Building Pieces QOL Suggestion Suggested by: ZogTheHog Upvoted: 01 Apr Comments: 10

Comments: 10