[Suggestion] Chat Quality of Life (Size, audio cue, bug)

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As a mute player, the chat is my only way of communicating with my friends, and it can be very frustrating when games get it wrong. Here's what Icarus' chat would benefit from:

1. Being able to change the size of the chat window. Some people find it small and difficult to see when someone has sent a message, causing them to miss it.

2. A toggle-able audio cue to aid in notifying players when a message is sent in the chat.

3. Fixing the bug where messages that take up more than 1 line don't show more than one line in chat.

I have been relying on in-game chat systems in games for 8 years now, and a lot of games still get things wrong with their in-game chat system. Icarus' chat is already very responsive and feels great to use in that regard, but it's absolutely necessary to fix the 1 line bug, chat size, and add audio cues.

Under consideration QOL Suggestion UI Suggested by: Emi Upvoted: 02 Dec, '23 Comments: 4

Comments: 4