[Suggestion] Animals are too cooperative

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Lions and Tigers and Bears, all at once, oh my! Getting into a fight with a bear is tricky business, but when a pack of wolves and any boars in the same zip code join the fun, and single out the humans exclusively in a giant collaborative gang hit, well it's a bit silly.

How come they don't fight each other? They almost never do. It's like humans are the only things on the menu, and predators are only predators when Icarus staff hit the ground. Until we show up it's one big peaceful ecosystem of love and kindness for all. We should rename this moon Eden. :)

Seriously though, maybe give some degree of random targeting in a group fight when multiple species are involved. Maybe the wolves hit the bear and vice versa a bit in the chaos? The wildlife on Icarus seem unrealistically well coordinated for collaborative combat against the player.

Under consideration AI Suggested by: Alan Upvoted: yesterday Comments: 21

Comments: 21

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