[Suggestion] Expand orbital stash items, introduce cleaning costs

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The prospectors are bathing in a toxic atmosphere of the planet when they are on a prospect. That is why they need a suit for basic survival. So... Add a game mechanism where items brought back to the station are sent to a cleaning agency where they need to be properly cleaned before they are returned to the prospectors station stash. The prospector will pay some sort of fee to have items cleaned. Add ability for prospector to bring non-station items back up to the station, which will take a considerable higher cost to properly clean. Add ability to delete non-station items held by the cleaning service. Maybe a high-end station-built pickaxe will cost 25REN to clean since it was specifically built for easy cleaning by high-tech station equipment, but a planet-built rifle would cost a lot more, maybe 600REN since it was built using more primitive techniques.

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Comments: 2