[Suggestion] Complete rework of the spear tree

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Imho spear is inferior to bow and knife in its current state. It is hard to target when thrown, and has only a bit of range superiority to knife when melee. It could be changed into a really powerfull deffensive weapon tho. I would split fighting with spears into 3 branches. The first one would be the current melee version, when you thrust with it. This would be pretty useful versus smaller aggressive animals, like wolfs and cougars. The second, new melee option would be the deffensive form, when you prop your weapon and a charging animal, like a bear, buffalo or elephant impales itself on the spear. This could do similar base damage against charging enemies to the thrown damage of the spear, and also be always critical (technically stealth multiplier can't apply). The 3rd branch would be the current thrown spear, but with the use of an atlatl (which could be also in different tiers like bows). Left click: thrust, hold right click: prop, atlatl: ranged weapon w/ spear as ammunition

Under consideration Talents Suggested by: DaPingman Upvoted: 25 Aug, '23 Comments: 1

Comments: 1