Stealth Spear actions

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Currently, run with spear, aimming spear, or crouch and switch to spear, oftenly got stood up from stealth crouching position. Now, the possible self fix is to crouch, aim(system stands up), Crouch Again, throw. but using bypass method is hardly work on scorpions, they have good sensors with stand up... FYI, my crouching is not set to HOLD, but one press switching... I hope there is a fix on that, so stealth thrown spear is more useful Besides, Throwing spear may poke thru the crust of the earth of Icarus and fly directly to the CORE. Sometime if the spear is hit after/at the same time with someone stealth kill or kill shot, the spear would be stick onto the creature for few sec and disappear for good. I think the possible solution is to make the spear separated from the arrow mechanics to retrofit into new system logic that it wont disappear, or even poke at the animal and the spear with Physicalize and stay above ground.

Under consideration Animation Suggested by: .haze// Upvoted: 13 May, '22 Comments: 0

Comments: 0