[Bug] Crafting things that require water are clunky

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Example scenario: You have 200 flour, 2 full waterskins, and you want to make flatbread dough at an Herbalism Bench. Clunky 1: When you click "MAX" on the bench craft menu, it sets the quantity to craft based on the flour only (I think). So the water requirement turns red because there isn't enough. You have to start from 1 and manually increment until the water requirement turns red, then decrement one. Clunky 2: Even though you have two full waterskins, in Clunky 1, the water requirement turns red on 10, which is based on one waterskin. So you have to repeat that step to queue up another 10 that would use the second water skin. To be consistent, it should let you queue up 20 since you have the requirements for that many. Clunky 3: You have to manually move the waterskins to the bench inventory for them to be used. To be consistent, they should be automatically moved from your personal inventory into the bench inventory. I've noticed the same stuff in other food crafting benches

Under consideration Inventory Suggested by: Kizmar Upvoted: 04 Aug, '22 Comments: 0

Comments: 0