alter equipment tooltips

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the rate of fire is 300 for all bows, one bow has "-15% charge speed of Bows" which is either making the bow draw faster (faster RoF), or reducing the speed when at which you pull the string back (slower RoF). NONETHELESS the Rate of Fire changes. the equipment is a unique item, therefore it is its own stats, not a plain recurve bow; so therefore the unique item should have its unique RoF that stat shouldn't be displayed as a buff/debuff unless it was on an external modifier like a backpack depicting the weight of ores being 10% less; the ore itself doesn't say "-10% ore weight" on every ore. so the bow should just display its actual statistics.

Under consideration QOL Suggestion UI Suggested by: huntzilla360c Upvoted: 22 Mar, '23 Comments: 0

Comments: 0